The Complete Journal Entry Companion


Need help or are stuck on journal entries? Maybe you just want to reference tons of journal entries in one easy-to-access companion.

To make your job or school classes easier, grab a copy of The Complete Journal Entry Companion. You’ll be glad you did!

  • 14 pages and over 50 common & uncommon journal entries!
  • Stop spending time searching around to see if your JEs are correct. Reference them in one place.
  • An excellent companion for public accountants, private, industry and students.
  • A trusted resource to use for studying journal entries for the CPA exam.
  • Lifetime updates to future versions & additional JEs.
  • Delivered in convenient PDF format.

Some of the journal entries covered include:

  • Recording sales
  • Writing off accumulated depreciation
  • Buying inventory on credit
  • Journal entries for accrued expenses
  • Fixed asset journal entires
  • Journal entires for perpetual inventory systems
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