Accounting Basics – Course Overview

Who Should Take These Lessons?

Don’t have any experience in accounting? This set of lessons is perfect! You are exactly in the right place if you want to learn the basics of accounting. Take your time, go through the six lessons in this set and you’ll have a good understanding of accounting basics!

Introduction to Accounting

Lesson 1

In our first lesson, we’re going to cover a quick background on accounting. We’ll lay the groundwork a bit further on what you should expect to get out of these accounting basics lessons.

The Basic Accounting Equation

Lesson 2

Fundamental to every beginner’s accountant’s studies is learning the basic account equation. Learn why this simple equation is so important in the field of accounting.

Understanding Debits and Credits

Lesson 3

Building off the basic accounting equation, we cover debits and credits. We’ll take a look at how debits are different than credits even though they are quite similar.

Introduction to T Accounts in Accounting

Lesson 4

As we move on, we take a look at T Accounts and how you can use them to compute account balances.

Understanding Normal Account Balances

Lesson 5

All of those debits and credits make up accounts. We’ll break down the normal account balances you should expect to see in accounts.

Journal Entries for Beginners

Lesson 6

With all our new knowledge, we’re going to wrap up with journal entries. You’ll learn the basics of journal entries, what they are and how to adjust accounts.

How Long Will These Lessons Take?

This set of lessons will take you a few hours to get through. Make sure you take notes and revisit the lessons you don’t understand. These are the building blocks to further accounting concepts and lessons.

What Do These Lessons Cost?

It’s free. What are you waiting for? Jump into the first lesson and start learning accounting.

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