Is Virtual Bookkeeping Legit? (Virtual Bookkeeping Exposed)

There are two groups of people who think about virtual bookkeeping. The first is a small business owner, who needs a bookkeeper but may not want to use an in-person bookkeeper for many reasons.

The second is the individual who wants to become a virtual bookkeeper. We’re going to break down if virtual bookkeeping is legit, or not from both of these standpoints.

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What is Virtual Bookkeeping?

Virtual bookkeeping is the new and modern way for many businesses to have their bookkeeping completed. Long gone are the days of faxing documents, or bringing a box of support and checks to a local bookkeeper.

Nowadays, most records can be sourced digitally or scanned in and delivered to a bookkeeper, anywhere in the world.

Not only has virtual bookkeeping made it easier for businesses, but it has also made it cheaper too. There are numerous virtual bookkeeping firms but also ones that cross over and have a local presence, as well as an online presence.

Who Uses Virtual Bookkeeping?

Virtual bookkeeping is used by many companies the reason why it is becoming so popular is the following:

  • It saves time
  • It saves money
  • There is no commute
  • Meetings are easier
  • Documents are digital

Just looking at these reasons, almost all companies would agree that virtual bookkeeping is a great option. With that being said, virtual bookkeeping is legit.

From a business perspective, one of the best ways to streamline your reporting and make it simpler is by using a virtual bookkeeper.

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Is it Better to Use a Virtual Bookkeeper or in Person?

One of the most popular reasons that companies use an in-person, bookkeeper, or firm, is for the relationship. This is a common myth that there is no relationship with virtual bookkeeping.

Just because the bookkeeping may be virtual and the firm may not have a physical office, doesn’t mean there won’t be a relationship established.

Mani virtual bookkeepers use zoom calls and communicate just fine over email. Establishing a long-standing relationship shouldn’t be a concern that holds a company back from using a virtual bookkeeper. So where does that leave in-person bookkeeping?

In-person bookkeeping may be on the way out. Sure, there will always be some small shops that have a physical office space but there is really no need and it is more efficient to save on overhead and be remote/virtual.

Service Quality

Another argument that some people have in their heads is that you will get better service from an in-person bookkeeper. Again, this goes back to establishing a relationship with a virtual book firm.

Many of these virtual bookkeeping firms are legit in the sense that you will work with the same contact, period after accounting period. Service quality does not diminish just because a firm is virtual.

Using a Freelance Bookkeeper or a Firm

work with a bookkeeper or a firm

When looking for a virtual bookkeeper, There are really two options. You can use a freelance bookkeeper or a firm. 

Most small businesses and companies feel more comfortable using a firm. That does not say a freelancer is not legit. Hiring a freelance virtual bookkeeper means you will immediately establish a relationship with the individual that is doing the bookkeeping.

The one thing to watch out for is that they may not have all the resources of a larger firm. Just keep that in mind before deciding on a virtual bookkeeping, firm or a freelancer.

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Finding a Virtual Bookkeeping Job: Things to Know

As virtual bookkeeping has become more and more widely accepted, this has created more jobs in the virtual bookkeeping space.  You can start as a freelancer or work for a firm. There are pros and cons to each.

If you work for yourself, then you can choose the clients, how often you work and the fees. Joining a firm as a virtual bookkeeper means you won’t have to find the clients, set the fees or even have too much risk.

Virtual bookkeeping jobs can be great for stay-at-home moms that know accounting or accountants that are looking to work fewer hours. There are plenty of virtual and part-time bookkeeping gigs online.

Is Virtual Bookkeeping Legit? Final Thoughts

Not only is virtual bookkeeping legit, but it is becoming the way of the future for accounting. There is a lower overhead for businesses, and they are not tied down to one location.

This means virtual bookkeeping firms can hire from across the US, deal with complex staffing challenges, and still service their clients. Bookkeeping has always been needed for businesses, but virtual bookkeeping is needed now more than ever.

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