Very Small Business Accounting Software: (Top Picks)

If you own a very small business, choosing the right accounting software can be challenging. There are so many different options available on the market but we break it down into 4 options.

First, we’re going to go into what actually makes good small business accounting software and then we will explain the software.

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What Makes Good Small Business Accounting Software?

When looking at very small business accounting software, they need to check a few boxes in our opinion.

Here are the key points to check off:

  • Price One of the biggest factors for small businesses is the price. Luckily the ones below are priced with a very small budget in mind. It won’t cost much to get your business some accounting software.
  • Functionality More specifically, what can the software do? Our expectation is that very small business accounting software can capture revenues, expenses, keep track of inventory if needed and generate financial reports. 
  • Ease of use – Most very small business owners are solopreneurs or just have a few employees. We look at the easiest software for non-technical accountants
  • Connectivity – Many small business owners are on the go and we get that. Having an app is essential for mobile accounting. Luckily all these do.

Keep these in mind and we’re going to come back to them.

4 Top Rated Very Small Business Accounting Software

top rated accounting software intuit quickbooks

FreshBooks: From your phone or computer, you can stay on top of your small business with FreshBooks.

Made for freelancers, self-employed individuals and small businesses, FreshBooks is one of the simplest accounting systems to understand and the quickest to get up and running. It can handle everything from expenses, income, time tracking, payroll, payment, invoicing and more.

Give FreshBooks a try if you want a fresh perspective on accounting as a small business owner.

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QuickBooks: QuickBooks, as you might know, is one of the most popular accounting software for very small businesses. We’re talking sole proprietor, tracking accounting for rentals and minimal employee businesses.

They have different plans as your business gets bigger but if you are solo then their QuickBooks self-employed does more than enough. With a great support system, QuickBooks is certainly a top option.

Xero: Xero is a bit more complex accounting software but is still great for the very small businesses that are growing. Xero can scale with size so if you plan to expand your small business into tons of accounts and want in-depth tracking then Xero is a great option.

Just keep in mind it is a little more analytically minded and not as user-friendly for new small business owners. 

Zoho Books: One software that rivals FreshBooks on ease of use to get started and is beginner friendly for small entrepreneurs is Zoho Books. It is an online accounting software that offers a range of features like invoicing, expenses tracking, and inventory management.

There is even a whole CRM platform for Zoho as well. 

Zoho Books can be a nice all-in-one solution. With the bright colors and fun look of Zoho Books, accounting doesn’t have to be boring. It is made simple with Zoho Books for people new to accounting.

Training On Accounting Software: How to Approach It

Once you have narrowed down which accounting software you’ll use for your small business, it is worth looking at the training available. All 4 options have their own free training. From webinars to short-form videos, QuickBooks and FreshBooks certainly have the best resources

That being said, there is a steeper learning curve to QuickBooks. You’ll need to invest a bit more time to learn all of their features and it can be overwhelming for beginners.

FreshBooks on the other hand is very straightforward even if you barely know any accounting skills.

SoftwarePriceFunctionalityEase of UseConnectivity
Zoho Books$GoodSimpleGood

Very Small Business Accounting Software: Final Thoughts

It can be tough to choose a very small business accounting software due to all the options out there. For most people, FreshBooks will get the job done. If you have to step it up then QuickBooks is more feature-packed.

When you start looking at Xero, you have probably graduated from a very small business world. Give the software a try, play around and you’ll find one that is right for you!

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